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I'm fundraising for Ethan Paterson

I am taking part in Run2Cure Neuroblastoma children’s cancer, for Ethan my 2 year old that has neurobastoma.  Run2Cure is a charity fun run and raises funds for the aggressive childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer affecting young children with the average age being just 2 years of age and survival rates for aggressive neuroblastoma being just 1 in 2. Unfortunately Ethan is not one of the lucky ones and has a terminal diagnosis. We want to raise an many funds as possible towards finding a cure for this horrible cancer that only has a 50 percent survival rate. 

If you are able to make a donation, be it a few dollars or more, I would be very grateful.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Linley And Danny

Words cannot express how sorry we are to hear about little Ethan who had such a beautiful sweet smile. You and Ryan are such a kind and caring couple and we know family means everything to you. Sending our love to you, Ryan and Aiden (Little Cheeky Face)


Kate Paterson


Chris Gunn



Celeste Martin

Thinking about your brave boy Ethan❤️


Mel Brown

My deepest condolences on the loss of your beautiful boy. Thinking of you and your family at this time. Such an amazing way to honor your angel by raising awareness xx

Our Team

Ryan Paterson (C)

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Ethan Paterson

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Aiden Paterson

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Kate Paterson

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Renee Paterson

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Inara Oke

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Arlyn Oke

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Mali Cutler

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Harris Cutler

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Tim Cutler

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Alaine Roff

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Jess Kennedy

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Claire Kennedy

Trena Tarrant

David Hoy

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Carolyn Wynne

Spare Spare

Kirsten Downey

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James Courtney-Prior

Sam Allsop

Bobby Dunimagloski Dunimagloski

Madonna Locke

Tim Blythe

Simon Gunasekara

Isabelle Kikirekov

Allie Cornish

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Fiona Binns

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David Hoy

Ashleigh Ryan

Peter Strudwick

Sheryll Bonnici

Caroline Tomiczek

Meggan Walker

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Cecelia Heazlewood

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Emma Smith

Kate Riley

Sophie Purton

Georgia McKenzie

Annabelle Cooper

Poppy Wise

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Carlos Frias

Liam Butler

Rebecca Zulaikha

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Belinda Thomas

Balazs Hansel

Kirraly Northey

Jessica Ford

Jonathan Bryant

John Wynne

Ryan Bondfield

Isabella Tonks

Christina Griffiths

Steve White

Catherine Kelly

Sara Hawkins

Anaiis Sarkissian

Erin Dethridge

Christine Faulkner

Sienna Biurra-Hoy

Sarah Kennewell

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C2 South for Team Ethan

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Katharina Lennie

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Michelle Lampret

Laurie Paterson

Audia Liem

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Charley Hirst

Sophie Elliot

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Amelia Halmarick

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Maya Macey

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David Elliot

Jess Logan

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Inez Roach

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Lucinda Villella

Narelle Lont

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Blake Dennis

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Bailey Dennis

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Beau Dennis

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Henry Dethridge

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Henry Dethridge

Greg Hirsch

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Sarah Hatzigeorgiou

Nell Hatzigeorgiou

Jojo Hatzigeorgiou

Rosie Tattersall

Art McGee

Georgie McBebich

Sophie Diller

Simon Frias

Amy Stening

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Lisa Thompson

Phill James

Steph Keith

Anthony Killas

Holly Maclean

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John Booth

Maria Cammilleri

Sam Richards

Dianne Knott

David McFadden

Jessie Plaia

Lucas Hoy

Princess Ventura

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Tina King

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Benjamin Pollack

Jack Lee

Katie Kermond

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