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Celebrating 2023 with a focus on STRENGTH!

I have set myself a personal challenge for 2023 and am taking part in Run2Cure Neuroblastoma. A week before my 43rd birthday, I'm going to run my first HALF MARATHON! Something I never thought I would or could do. But during the last two years "learning to love running", I have discovered a strength within me to surprise myself with how far I can go! 

Run2Cure is a charity fun run and raises funds for the aggressive childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer affecting young children with the average age being just 2 years of age and survival rates for aggressive neuroblastoma being just 1 in 2.

So in addition to my own goal, I want to make a difference to the young children affected. If you are able to make a donation, be it a few dollars or more, I would be very grateful.

My Updates

The "hard work" is done

Sunday 26th Mar

Finishing up week 9 with a 12K long run. 

We are entering "Race Week" now and getting ready for next Sunday, 2 April 2023 Run2Cure!!!!!!

The nerves are definitely settling in, outweighing any excitement that I felt last week ;-) 

My final week of asking for fund raising..... So if you are still waiting to support the cause, please click on the donation button on my page.  Every dollar I raise helps make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Babies and toddlers are impacted by this aggressive cancer are relying on people like you and me – so I’d appreciate anything you could chip in.

18..... That is far! :-)

Monday 20th Mar
The longest run yet! 18 was such a scary number when I first looked at the HM training plan. But I did it, and I conquered that little voice in my head. 

Now we take the next two weeks before race day to focus on building the mental stamina to get us to 21.1K. 

Good bye Week 7!

Saturday 11th Mar
Week 7 gave us some time to catch our breath and let these muscles recover a bit. Some easier runs completed and a beautiful Tempo mix today. 

I'm not sure if the nerves are kicking in yet or if it's a mix of excitement being thrown in.... Can't believe we are 3 weeks from "race day". 

Big THANK YOU to Chrys for your donation this week! You want to help me hit my $250 fund raising goal????? Please click on the donation button on my page and support Run2Cure! Every bit helps! :-) 

Those runs are getting longer!!!!

Saturday 4th Mar
Hit 16.5K today and as mentioned before, I'm really enjoying the new views and pathways I get to discover while increasing my distance every Saturday morning. 

And while I'm sitting here trying to peel myself off the couch and get this glorious day started...... I'm going to remind you to GO DONATE!!! :-) Run2Cure is such an important charity to support. There is a sponsor button on my page. Pretty please, lets make a difference! 

Week 5: STRONG!

Saturday 25th Feb
I decided to pick the word STRONG for this week. It was a great training week, ending with a beautiful 15K this morning. 

The last few weeks I kept feeling nervous when Saturday hit, because I knew it meant "LONG RUN" and each Saturday the runs have been getting longer. But today, today felt great! Everything flowed beautifully and felt good. 

Are you still thinking about donating to Run2Cure?? Be like Aeryn this week and click on my sponsor button on my page, make a donation to help Run2Cure raise funds for much needed research into the aggressive childhood cancer, neuroblastoma.

Another Saturday, another longest run done!

Saturday 18th Feb
13.5K done today! Another "you just ran your longest run yet" notification!! 

There really is something special about hitting the road as the sun comes up. Just you, and the odd runner or cyclist who you smile and nod at. It's like a secret code between you. We know this is simply the best part of the day. :-) 

With increasing distances, I'm discovering new routes and places in my area. I really enjoyed taking a look around and seeing all the "new" this morning. 

I end this week asking again for donations to Run2Cure, come on, you know you want to.... Click on the sponsor/donate section on my page. ;-) 

Week 3 - Cruising through "cutback week"

Saturday 11th Feb
It was a "recovery" week in training, known as cutback week or deload. It was definitely a mindshift for me, who always wants to be running faster or further. So the idea of cutting back scared me. But after doing much research, I accepted this is part of the plan. And it was much needed. ;-) 

And even though I know this week wasn't meant to be intense training (including today's run).... I did end cutback week with a Sub30 5K in the middle of the 10K session today. Thought since I kept to the easy running the whole week, it was ok to celebrate today with a goal of mine, to hit that sub30. And I'm sure I would not have achieved it if I didn't have a recovery week prior ;-) 

Now if you got this far with week 3 training update..... Go ahead and support Run2Cure by donating to this important cause!!! There is a sponsor button on this page, top right ;-) Come on, click (please) :-) 

Week 2 CHECK!

Saturday 4th Feb
Thank you to this weeks sponsor - Bradley ;-) <3 

Was definitely an interesting week training wise. Ran some good solid fast splits and intervals and then the big one!!! My first 12km. It's officially the longest I have ever run. I will say it again, running is definitely a mental game. 

These legs are tired now and thankful it's weekend. :-P 

Week 1 training done!

Monday 30th Jan
I need to thank my sponsors from last week!!! Athol, Jenna and Tash, I appreciate your donations to Run2Cure. <3 

Week 1 training went so well, I have been very good at sticking to the plan and not wanting to over do it. I ran my fastest tempo intervals ever and then I proceeded to do a very good 10K (long run on Saturday). It was a good strong week. 

Heading into week 2 now and hoping the weather plays along. Running in this humidity is always a challenge for me. But we will get it done! 

3, 2, 1 ..... And go!! Training has started!

Monday 23rd Jan
Mind set - Check
Training plan - Check
Motivation - Check

Check check check! Lets get this show on the road. 

Training for the half marathon has kicked off. I'm working off the Training plan set out by Coach Jody Mullen on the Run2Cure page. I had a few plans in mind, but settled on this one because it was the one that mostly fitted into my already hectic routine. ;-) 

I'm excited, a little scared, but mostly excited!!! :-P 

A few more days until training starts!

Wednesday 18th Jan
Managed another 10K this morning, building up the endurance. 

Training starts in a few days, I thrive on routine and structure so I may be a little excited about training again. Although those big long runs (numbers) are a little daunting at the moment. 

Consistency, Grace, Consistency, Grace. 

One week until training starts!

Sunday 15th Jan
Last week of "fun running" until we go into training mode. 

Coming out of a PHT (injury) and Covid, I'm starting to feel more confident now about training. One more week to go, then it's full steam ahead. 

Spent the last week on holiday but that didn't mean no running :-)  I got some strong and beautiful beach view runs in. Back to running my 10Ks with ease. We got this! 

Training Planning!

Friday 23rd Dec
Getting ready for my training for the Half Marathon!

10 Weeks starting 23 Jan 2023

Everything is set out, colour coded and ready to go. 

Just need to remember to give myself some GRACE too ;-) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Marcelle Chuter


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Chrys Woollands

You got this! 💪


Jenna Van Den Berg


Athol Phillips

So proud of you Marcelle. You inspire me to get out there and run every evening.


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