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I'm fundraising for my little man Zach!

Our theme for this year is '5 for 5 for 5'...this is '$5k for 5 years for 5km'. After 5 years in remission we are hoping to celebrate 2024 by raising $5k for walking/running the 5km course with Zach.

There are 4 things you can do to help.

1. Join our team and come run/walk with us!

2. Donate what you can. Remember any donation above $2 is tax deductible!

3. Share the link around with anyone you know to help raise awareness....LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...your workplace!

4. All of the above!

As a reminder this is Zach's story...

Neuroblastoma is a cancer affecting young children with the average age being just 2 years of age and survival rates for aggressive neuroblastoma being just 1 in 2.

So in addition to our own goal, I want to make a difference to the young children affected. If you are able to make a donation, be it a few dollars or more, we would be very grateful.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paolo Carniel



Looking at Zach now you forget how very sick he was.


Brian Kelly



All the best Paolo! Annie x


Tom Catalovski

Happy to donate to help a little



Go team Zach! x


Allyn Wasley